My favourite – Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

A chocolate chip cookie is simply a flat bite cookie that features small chocolate chips or chocolate chunks as its defining characteristic. These are the kind of cookies that were typically served at a school picnic or on Christmas morning. Chocolate chip cookies originated in the U.S. around 1938, when Ruth Graves Wakefield cut up a Nestle special chocolate chip bar and put the chunks into a cookie mix. Over the years, different versions of this have emerged, with some variations coming from different manufacturers. The chocolate chunks that appear in chocolate chip cookies are usually from Nestle chocolate. Other versions are made from other brands and sometimes chocolate chips are even added to other kinds of flour to create cookies with a different texture or flavor.

In terms of the actual chocolate chips used in making a chocolate chip cookie, it is important to note that they are not all the same size. There are different sizes of chocolate chips, and each has its own distinctive taste and texture. You will also find that different brand types will have different sized chocolate chips. The size of the chocolate chips will determine the shape and thickness of the finished cookie. It is very important to use the right size chocolate chip in any recipe if you are making cookies to eat.

The next thing you will need for a double chocolate chip cookie recipe is shortening or cream cheese. Although cream cheese can be used as a substitute for sugar, sometimes it can have a richer flavor than sugar would, which can make it difficult to work with when making cookies. When using cream cheese, stir it into the dry ingredients just like you would any other mixture. Once all the dry ingredients are combined, the wet mixture will need to be mixed just like the dry ingredients. Then, the wet batter will need to go into the freezer for a couple of minutes so that the fat in it can solidify and begin the process of making the cookies.

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My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe can be created in so many ways, depending on your imagination and the time you have available. The basic recipe that I use every single time is easy to modify, but the way I do it is surprising to many people. Most people will use canned goods in their cookies. This is OK, but the problem with canned goods is that they have an incredible amount of preservatives in them that can change the flavor of a recipe dramatically. When using home-prepared ingredients, you can flavor them however you would like, adding whatever you would like to the mix.

chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies from Handle The Heat

When making a chocolate chip cookie, the key to getting the perfect shape is to use a bit of food coloring to change the overall color of the cookie. You can add it in tiny amounts to create a color that mimics the look of real chocolate chips, or you can add large amounts to give your cookies a coarser texture. What you decide to do depends entirely on your preference and the time you have to spend shaping the cookies. I prefer the texture because it makes for tastier cookies that are nicer to eat. Tessa at Handle The Heat has a huge range of Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes – Crazy good!

If you make homemade baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch, you can easily make adjustments to the recipe to suit you needs. In particular, you might want to adjust the measurements to suit you, such as using less or more baking powder. For example, if you like your cookies a little dense, you can increase the baking powder, or you might want to decrease the vegetable oil in order to make the cookies softer. There are so many possibilities when making cookies this way.

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As you can see, there are endless ways to alter a recipe for homemade baked chocolate chip cookies. It’s all up to you and your tastes. You can even make some pretty spectacular cookies by combining different kinds of nuts and mashing them up. My favorite cookie combination is oatmeal cookies and walnuts.

A word of caution: Before you start experimenting with chocolate chip cookie recipes, make sure you check out my free chocolate chip cookie recipes. I make them frequently and share them with friends. They are absolutely delicious and are also good for you. And if you try one of my recipes, you will find that they come out differently than the package directions. They are definitely worth trying.